iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio launched with iOS 7 as Apple's first music streaming service, but it's now set to go beyond that with its first news channel from NPR. According to Peter Kafka from re/code, the new channel should be going live today.

NPR’s channel, which should be live today, will offer a free stream, 24 hours a day, which mixes live news with segments from pre-recorded shows like “All Things Considered” and “The Diane Rehm Show.” NPR officials say that within weeks, some of the broadcaster’s local stations should begin offering their own channels, with a similar mix of live and taped news.

Beyond NPR, the report also goes on to say that this is just the beginning and that more news channels will become part of iTunes Radio in the future. It's unclear what kind of revenue model may be involved on both parts, but it looks as though the iTunes Radio we know is already beginning to evolve.

So, actual radio sound good to you?

Source: re/code