While iWatch rumors continue to run hot and heavy Apple hasn't said word one about any specific wearable product. Many of their competitors, however, have had smartwatches on the shelves for months if not years. That's led to some market and media sentiment that Apple's "late" to the game. Apple, however, like wizards, tends to arrive precisely when it means to. Jim Dalrymple writing for the The Loop:

It's pretty clear that if you made a list of feature you would like to see on a smartwatch, the Gear doesn't begin to measure up. So why would Samsung release a product like that? It seems the only reason is to be first on the market, which shouldn't be a motivating factor for a company if they want to change the way we think about a product category.

Apple wasn't first to smartphones with the iPhone. They waited until they fully understood the pain of Treo, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian users, felt like there was a problem Apple was uniquely positioned to solve, and then pulled the trigger. Same with the iPad. It launched from the ashes of a decade of Tablet PC misteps.

The smartwatch space isn't at the Treo or Tablet PC point yet. There's still more pain to learn from and more honing to be done. Only then, when the market is ready and Apple feels like they have a great enough product to enter it will we see their take on an iWatch or wearable.

If Apple did release a smartwatch first, that would be cause to worry.

Go read the rest of Jim's piece and then let me know what you think — is the smartwatch market ready for Apple, and vice versa?