The iPhone can certainly be classed as a top performer in the smart phone world so why not pop it into a dock made from the exhaust system of a high performance car. The iXoost dock is handmade and the base is made from a solid block of aluminium. It then incorporates a performance cars manifold which is turned and milled into a shiny work of art.

The name iXoost comes from the English pronunciation of the word “exhaust”, the first dock station dreamed up by Matteo Panini and designed by Mirco Pecorari. Mechanics and sound come together thanks to the tradition evoked by the world of engines. The docks are colourful, finished with high-quality leather coupled with the exhaust manifolds to create fantastic combinations which are a pleasure for the heart as much as for the eye. Listen to your music through extremely innovative loudspeakers featuring a 140W active subwoofer.

The iXoost is available in three models, V8, V10 and V12 with varying amounts of high end speakers and tweeters to satisfy audiophiles everywhere. So if you are a petrol head, love your iPhone and like listening to music, this is your perfect iPhone dock. No information on the price of these docks but we don't expect them to be in the budget range.

Source: iXoost via Cult of Mac

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