Comex has announced on his Twitter feed that iOS 4.2 will be an untethered jailbreak. While current devices can be exploited and jailbroken for their lifespan without the possibility of a patch, the ability of the jailbreak being untethered was still at issue.

An untethered jailbreak differs from a tethered jailbreak in that a tethered jailbreak must be connected with a computer after each and every reboot of the device. Comex has developed userland exploits for Star, Limera1n, and Greenpois0n, keeping them all untethered.

While Comex has stated that people with their iOS 4.1 SHSH blobs saved should be able to keep their jailbreak untethered for 4.2, he did not say that would be the case for all users. The reasoning for this has not been revealed but anyone wanting to jailbreak iOS 4.2 should make sure they get their 4.1 blobs saved immediately. iPad users should save their 3.2.2 blobs just in case those are required as well.

Also in a separate tweet, Comex has stated that there might be a delay with the release of the jailbreak due to Cydia compatibility issues which are currently being worked on by Chpwn.

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