Jawbone UP fitness tracker owners have enjoyed using the official iPhone and iPad app for some time, but the company has just released a second fitness tracking app with support for Apple HealthKit. Fear not if you're baffled by the presence of two apps as we'll explain what's going on and help clear up any confusion.

The old (or rather, current) app requires the use of Jawbone's UP and UP24 (check our review) bands, while the newly released UP app uses Apple's HealthKit to use your iPhone (running iOS 8) to track progress as well as apps and wearables from other companies. If you own a UP wearable and are content with the app and service, you'll be able to continue using the old app, but if you're after some Apple Health integration (or don't own a band from the company) then the new Jawbone app is right for you.

So what happens to the old app now a new one has appeared with seemingly more advanced functionality? According to the official Jawbone Twitter support account, the company is working on updating the old app with HealthKit integration.

This is where we ask: why can't Jawbone roll HealthKit and support for competitor devices and apps (as well as its own) into a single app, or at least improve the naming to prevent said confusion in the first place? Check out download links for the two Jawbone apps below.

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