If, for some reason, you're just dying for input on Apple products from Presidential candidates, you're in luck. In a quick interview with Business Insider, Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush weighed in on the Apple Watch, along with his favorite iPhone apps. When asked for his general thoughts on the wearable, Bush said he thinks it's "cool," but had a couple of complaints concerning the battery life and an unintuitive interface:

It requires a lot more work than it needs to; it's not as intuitive as the other Apple products. The battery gets out too quick. I don't have time to learn all of the applications. But it's cool.

Despite the complaints, Bush says that he'll likely stick with the Apple Watch until someone "comes out with something better." Bush also listed some of his favorite iPhone apps in the short interview, specifically calling out CBS Sports Fantasy, Kayak, Kindle, and The Wall Street Journal.

Source: Business Insider