Apple Pay

Passengers flying with JetBlue will soon be able to pay for food, drink, on-board entertainment and even upgrade to premium seating using Apple Pay. The program will start next week on select JetBlue flights, making it that much easier to make payments at 35,000 feet, and support for Apple Watch will also be available when launched later this year. According to USA Today:

The carrier is swapping older mobile payment terminals for specially outfitted iPad Minis with NFC-capable cases that are being issued to more than 3,500 inflight crewmembers. The Federal Aviation Administration had to approve the new iPads before they could be used onboard. The iPads can also accept conventional plastic credit cards to accommodate passengers without the latest iPhone or smartwatch.

These iPads also contain a wealth of data for crew members, as well as providing the tools to cater for customers who wish to make payment. Everything works as one would expect when making a payment through Apple Pay inside a store. The airline plans to bring Apple Pay to all JetBlue flights by June.

We're sure it'll be a much improved experience for passengers who will now be able to use their iPhone with Apple Pay, instead of hunting down their wallets and purses in stowed away luggage.

Source: USA Today