Jim Dalrymple, famous for both his love of music and his love of Apple, came to a point where the two stopped working together for him. From The Loop:

I love Apple. I love them because they take difficult problems and come up with innovative, simple solutions. The things they make just work and we trust them. Unfortunately, my experience with Apple Music has been exactly the opposite. As of today, I'm missing about 4,700 songs from my library with little hope of getting them back.

Anyone who knows Jim won't be surprised he wrote this, and anyone who knows Apple won't be surprised if it leads to a better version of Apple Music.

Update: Jim revealed on MacBreak Weekly that turning off iCloud Music Library didn't just turn of Apple Music as he'd hoped, but iTunes Match as well, resulting in the disappearance of his collection. Something that, it should have be noted, could have been avoided by properly explaining and labeling the service and the button.