Over the weekend there was some brouhaha over a job listing on Apple.com. The listing was for someone who had experience in Adobe Premiere and Avid, but didn't mention Apple's own Final Cut Pro X. That earned it the headline: "even Apple doesn't want to use Final Cut Pro X".

The job posting wasn't for Apple proper in Cupertino, though. It was for Beats by Dre at an office, I believe, is still located in Culver City. Pixel Corps founder, industry expert, and my MacBreak Weekly co-host, Alex Lindsay sums up why that context is so important on Facebook:

Sharing this to underline why the Press, in general, doesn't really understand what they are reporting. We just only notice when they are reporting about something we know. This is obviously a post from a division of Apple recently acquired. If Apple forced them them use FCPX... there would be articles about the "Iron Fist" of Apple HQ.

So, good link bait but that's about it... but lacking any understanding of the context... which could be achieved by asking one or two people or possibly thinking about it for 2 minutes.

Alex explains further in the comments to his post. Well worth reading.