Jobs' family Yacht supposedly impounded after payment dispute with designer Philippe StarckVenus, the super Yacht that the late Steve Jobs was working on with French designer Philippe Stark has supposedly been impounded in a Dutch harbor because of a payment dispute between the Jobs' family and Mr Starck.

Port of Amsterdam spokesman Jeroen Ranzijn confirmed the boat has been in the harbor since Dec. 8, and won't leave until the civil dispute is resolved — possibly as early later Friday. "It was actually ready to continue its voyage when there was a dispute between two parties, including the heirs, and one party laid a claim on the boat," said Ranzijn. He said the dispute may be resolved shortly.

The supposed dispute is purely a financial one and is said to involve a lower than expected payment to Philippe Starck. His original fees were thought to be in the region of €9 million ($11.8 million) but as the completed Yacht cost much less than originally thought, Starcks fees were supposedly reduced to €6 million ($7.9 million).

The Yacht cost a total of €105 million ($138 million) to complete so the dispute is really over small change and shouldn't take too long to resolve. The Yacht was finally completed this year and is unsurprisingly like an Apple Store taken float, with an aluminum exterior measuring 80 meters long that -- you guessed it -- makes it lighter than other yachts in its class. The design is minimalist, with teak decks and floor-to-ceiling glass, and 7 iMacs are front and center in the wheelhouse.

Source: Associated Press