Jobs' Starbucks prank still causes Starbucks in Cali to get orders for 4,000 lattes

Any true Apple fan will remember when Steve Jobs got up on stage and announced the first iPhone. You may also remember that one of his first calls was a prank call to a Starbucks location in California. He jokingly asked for 4,000 lattes to go and quickly said he was kidding and hung up. As it happens, this on-stage prank still spurs phones calls for the same order to that same Starbucks location. Fast Company reports:

Kimiko Barbour, the store's manager, realized the reason for the recurring prank calls only after Fast Company made inquiries for this story. "They happened randomly. It's funny because I didn't even know that this existed until [you called]," she says. "Another manager was like, 'Hey, have you seen the video?' And I was like, 'What video?' She emailed it to me, and I showed Hannah. Then it all connected.

They spent some time tracking down the barista at the Starbucks location that actually took the call from Jobs. It turns out her name is Hannah and she had been working at that location for over half a decade. It wasn't until Fast Company started inquiring that they figured out what that call was all about and why they still received calls for thousands of lattes.

Hannah, the barista who answered the call, says if she would have known it was Jobs she would have asked him if he would come in to her store so she could make him the perfect drink.

Source: Fast Company