Joe Danger, an Xbox Live Arcade and PSN game, is making the leap to iOS with fully optimized swipe and tap controls. The lighthearted romp takes a motorcycle-riding daredevil through a series of obstacles in colorful locales where you openly defy danger by doing backflips off big jumps and poppin' sweet wheelies. While driving through a course, you've got split-seconds to tap on letters as they pass by. If you can spell out "Danger", you earn one of the win criteria, while you earn another for collecting all of the stars on the course. That should offer plenty of replay value. Best of all, we'll be able to expect multiplayer support whereby both players trying to cut one another off and compete for stars and letters.

Joe Danger's gameplay on the iPad looked extremely smooth, and it looks like they've done a solid job of recreating the appeal of the top-ranked XBLA game of 2011  for mobile. There are way too many apps, like Soul Calibur, that simply drag and drop a virtual controller layer onto the game UI and expect everything to play the same, but it's good to see folks like Hello Games are taking the time to properly make the transition to mobile. It's also really nice to see a game that's not about killing people for a change, but is still lots of fun to play.

The developers were specific about release dates or pricing for Joe Danger on iPhone or iPad, particularly since this is a very early look, but they mentioned that it should be available "in a few weeks time".