T-Mobile CEO John Legere was on stage at Re/code's Code/Mobile conference, where he announced that the carrier saw a higher than expected demand for the iPhone 6 Plus, with the 5.5-inch device accounting for about 45 percent of the total orders. He also discussed the new Apple SIM in detail, and offered his insights into how the deal to bring the iPhone over to T-Mobile was struck over two years ago, saying that he was willing to "get down on his knees."

Legere also mentioned that the iPhone was integral to the recent success of the carrier, saying that a "store without the iPhone is sh*t." Never one to hold back, the executive also reiterated comments he made on Twitter during the weekend regarding Apple's new SIM technology.

When asked about the future course for T-Mobile following a failed merger with Sprint earlier this year, Legere said that he was considering two courses for the company:

One that assumes independence and the other that would include a deal that would be palatable to its corporate owners and U.S. regulators.

Also discussed during the interview was Legere's rebel persona, which he admitted was a "shtick." Be sure to check out that soundbite as well as all the others delivered by the executive in the video above.

What do you guys think of Legere's statements?

Source: Re/code