The Apple Watch will soon be making its way to more locations in the U.K., with department store chain John Lewis set to begin selling the watch soon. Beginning September 18, the watch will be available on the John Lewis website, with select models rolling out to 37 of the retailer's 44 stores before Christmas.

From Wareable:

With Apple also announcing new designs, we are not yet sure how many will be on display and available to try or buy at John Lewis. The company says it will stock a "curated selection". But the move is a no-brainer, awareness of smartwatches has been steadily growing all year and, even though Apple stores are full of fans tentatively prodding the wearables, there's plenty of people who have never seen one up close.

John Lewis isn't the only third-party British retailer that will soon sell the Apple Watch. Just last week, retailer Currys PC World announced that it would carry the watch as well.

Source: John Lewis, Wareable; Via: Engadget

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