When reachability was first introduced, some people were elated because it makes it easier to reach the top of the 5.5-inch iPhone screen, while others lamented it was yet another feature that would be pretty much useless to them.

Now that the world has had time to play with reachability — turn it on and off, and really get familiar with the purposes of this feature, one question stands: is anyone actually using reachability on their iPhone?


Folks, Everyone knows you can tap twice in quick succession on your home button to engage the iPhone's Reachability function right? This handy little feature lets you quickly access the top half of whatever is on your screen. It bring down the top one half of your screen to the bottom for easy thumb and finger presses. With the "plus" models 6 on up this feature is VERY useful! Works on...


Some people are saying yes,they use it constantly, although they do admit that they didn't use it much when it was first introduced…


I use it all the time. It's become second nature to double tap to reach an icon or select something on screen. I didn't use it much when it was first added, but once I started remembering it was there, I use it all the time.


… While others are saying they find it incredibly annoying and obnoxious; especially if it's accidentally activated.


I find it more annoying than anything, especially if I accidentally activate it. Maybe I should try fitting it into my usage again.


So do you use reachability or not? Let us know your thoughts and feelings on reachability and join the discussion on the iMore forum!

Join the discussion on the iMore forum!