In the last couple of years, people have turned away from traditional services like cable TV and have cut the cord in order to put a damper on bills that only seem to be rising.

Instead, they opt for things like Apple TV.

There's been a strong movement of cord cutters who preach the good word of the cut cord, but what about you?


Bought a used, but like new Apple TV 4th generation 64 gig box off Craigslist for 80.00 and have the Direct TV streaming package and going to save 65.00 a month compared to cable. I have a 35 MPS connection speed and haven't noticed any lag at all. Also bought my own cable modem which will save me another 8.00 a month. Next step is a HDHomeRun box, digital antenna and the channels app and I...


Some people have already taken the plunge into cutting the cord and don't have any regrets...


I’m a fairly new cable cutter myself and I have no regrets. I’m super happy with my  TV and Netflix


While others have been unable to cut the cord for their own variety of reasons...


We really thought about cutting the cord when our hopper messed up a while back. Unfortunately I can only get 6mbps internet at our house right now. Comcast said they would run lines for $6 per foot. Would cost like 15k or more to get cable Internet. I can stream Netflix fine and Hulu fine, but we are too far away from our local channels to get news. Right now dish is our best option I guess....


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