With all the new phones that have been released this year and all the ones that are set to come out in the next couple of months from different brands, do you still have your sights set on picking up a new iPhone, or do you think you'll pass?

James Falconer

Are you already stashing away the $$$ for the next iPhone? Or better yet, perhaps you're eligible for an upgrade with your carrier (subsidizing your cost). Or - are you waiting to see the phone before you make any decisions? What are you going to do??


Some people are saying yes, but only because of upgrade plans…


Im on an annual upgrade plan with Verizon so I'll be fine. But I'm really holding out to see what they announce. The rumors haven't been too promising for me. I'll wait until I hear what's releasing from Apple themselves.


While others are saying that they might pick up a newer model after a bit of time has passed.

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