Apple traditionally launches its next iPhone collection in the Fall, but should you consider upgrading now? We're in the grey area where folks start to question if it's worth it to pick up an iPhone 7 Plus, or just wait until the next iPhone launches.

What are your thoughts, iMore? Would you buy a 7 Plus and sell it in the Fall, or hang on to your iPhone 6s for a few more months?


Looking to go with a bigger screen. Currently with a 6S. I'm thinking maybe going 7+ till the 8 comes out and selling it. Do it? or Wait?


I just bought a 7+ a week ago very well knowing the of the major changes in new design. Looks like we will get a 7S+ as well. For me, I'm not ready for bezeless phones I'm not a fan of the S8 design although it cool to just look at for sleekness. I'm waiting out the second iteration of this new iPhones design which is likely next year so I got the 7+ now. As someone said if you need the latest...


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