It's been 2 years since people began picking up the Apple Watch, deciding on the perfect band, and wrapping it around their wrist for the world to see.

But since its release, have you noticed more people have been sporting their Apple Watch?


So its been just over 2 years since the watch went on sale. Other than friends and coworkers who have an Apple Watch, are you seeing more of them out in the general public? I have. Especially since the series 2 came out last September. Some of my non-scientific observations: Space Grey seems to be the one of choice for men. I have yet to see a guy with a gold or rose gold watch. Other...


Some people say yes, they have seen more and more over the last couple of months with different bands…


I've been seeing more over the past 6 months, both sizes and all kinds of bands.


While some say they haven't really noticed an increase in Apple Watch wearers…


I haven't seen any here. But I don't get out much.


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