Siri has been around for a number of years with some people saying it's the most useful thing in the world, while others claim she's annoying, cumbersome, and just a big pain in the butt in general, which begs the question:

If Siri were more improved, would you use it more?


I am curious about community adoption of assistants. Siri has been around for years, but I don't know many people personally that utilize it fully. Some of my friends that carry an iPhone gave up on Siri some time ago and don't engage as much, if ever. I know some people don't really like talking at the phones unless they are talking to a human, but I thought this community could offer some...


Some people say they would love to use Siri more, but that the way the feature runs is not as convenient as it could be...


Yes I would. I used googles AI on my android phones a lot more than I use Siri. I would like to use Siri more but she is pretty bad.


While others say that despite its flaws, it's still one of the most-used features on their iPhone to date!


Although it’s imperfect, Siri is one of my most used features and to answer your question, I’d use it in the same manner as I do now even with improvements.


But what do you think?

Are you a big fan of using Siri for day-to-day things, or do you think it's just too faulty? If Siri improved, would you use it more?

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