WWDC 2017 unleashed a whole lot of new gadgets, updates, and more, but would you dive into the iOS 11 Dev Beta 1? Join the discussion in the iMore forums!

There were a lot of awesome announcements at WWDC 2017, but one that really got people excited was iOS 11.

Since features from the update have been discussed thoroughly online, we figured we'd join the chat about the Dev Beta in the forums and find out if people are interested in actually downloading it!

06-05-2017 05:43 PM

I finally have iOS 11 dev beta 1 installed on my iPhone 7, and thus far, it's stable. I enjoy the look of the new Control panel, but the pull down notification screen displays my lock screen wallpaper. I was at work during the keynote so I'm not sure what's what. In regard to the native Mail app, I like how the mailbox name is enlarged. The redesigned calculator looks awesome, in my opinion....


06-05-2017 06:11 PM

It’s definitely sluggish. But not surprised for a beta 1. It’s stable enough but would say you won’t notice issues. There is a long list in the release notes of problemed areas. Been running it since the moment it dropped.


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