Whether you're someone who hopped on the beta right away or someone who waited a while to see if it was worth it to even download, the iOS 11 beta has been out for a while now.

Recently, a couple of people have started noting that the longer they run the beta, the more buggy and slow if becomes, but others have been quick to say that their experience with the iOS 11 betas have been smooth sailing.

We're chatting betas, bugs, and more in the iMore forums today! Some people say it's been running super well for them without any issues...


Sorry you’re experiencing these issues NeilWhitear. It’s been operating really well for me even before I did a clean install. Maybe give that a try even though it might be a pain. There’s always the option to revert back to iOS 10.3.X.


While others say they're only seeing some discrepancies on their iPad Pro but not their iPhone 7 Plus...


Its a strange one, I am finding my 7 Plus much more stable than up 9.7 Pro; I might give it a clean install over the weekend. I don't know about you mumfoau but I am really liking iOS 11, especially on the iPad from a productivity point of view.


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