With the recent release of new Android phones, and system features and functions that aren't offered or perform as well through iOS, some people have started to wonder if iOS is falling behind.


I've just been having a discussion on this topic. I disagree that Apple and iOS are falling behind despite not having the plethoras feature sets seen on many Android devices. I'm fine with how Apple waits to implement new features until they work as they as should and as promised. While iOS hasn't changed much in the last couple years, I can't say Apple hasn't been innovating. Apple has just done...


While some are quick to disagree because iOS still runs smoothly, is simple to use, and is 'more stable' than opposing tech …


I don't think iOS, in and of itself, is falling behind other operating systems because it is still fast, smooth, simple to use and more stable, in my opinion. Having said that, could some things be improved? Of course.


… Some say that their blind love of everything Apple has to offer has clouded their judgment on whether iOS is up to snuff.


Yes...Apple is falling behind. Be we accept that because we love what Apple offers. I think there's a difference between what we will accept vs what is current. In my opinion, Apple is behind others. But that's not because they aren't capable of offering what others do. It's because they choose to take their time and offer things on their terms. Not the terms of others. So it's really not a...


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