It's been a little while since the launch of the Product(RED) iPhone, but people are still debating the color, the white face plate, and pretty much everything else about the Product(RED) iPhone.

James Falconer

Meant to start a thread on this back when the RED hit us... better late than never! What does everyone think of it? For me, personally, if I was in the market for a new iPhone I'd totally consider it. Only thing I don't dig is the white front. Would have loved to have seen it with a black or even red front plate... I know I'm not alone in that! That said, is easy enough to get a skin or...


Some people have said that they like the look of the RED iPhone but wouldn't trade in their current model for it…


I like it but no where near as much as my matte black.


I think I love it though I won't be getting one.


While others say that they would have bit and bought the iPhone if the color scheme was red and black rather than red and white…


Red and black would've been cooler.


Others claim the love it for its Canadian colors!


Love it! Especially love the white glass front with the red, patriotic Canadian colours. My 5C had black glass and I always prefer light colours.


But if you had to pick, would you choose a Product(RED) iPhone over your current color? Why or why not? Hop on into the forums and join the conversation about why the RED iPhone is (or isn't!) a superior phone.

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