Let's face it: We all love iOS, but there are a couple of little things here and there that are bound to bug us more than others.

Whether it's the Control Center, Siri, or whatever else, there's probably something that bugs you about iOS: so… what is it?


I had a list of 15 things, but decided to delete it and just put one (to avoid being too negative): I hate the music App. The Shuffle and Repeat are hidden and I've literally had to show people how to access them, because the UI doesn't give them a clue that they're there. The default view is "Recents," and there doesn't seem to be a way to change that. That view doesn't show all of my...


Some people say that they have literally no issues with running iOS...


Hate? Nothing. Dislike? A few things.


While others say their biggest pet peeve is the look of the signal bars...


I still dislike the signal bars. I want dots back =(


But what about you?

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