If you're someone who's always used an iPhone, then you've probably wondered at least once or twice if the grass really is always greener on the other side...

Some people have made the jump from iPhone to Android, and while some are happy with making the switch, others have come crawling back to the familiar Apple-centric product their thumbs are used to.


The new big screens on the LG G6 and Samsung S8+ drew me away for a few. Out of the two I definitely like the LG more (which I'm going to keep as a backup device) but I need to realize I should just stick with apple forever and for always. Lol.


Some people claim they've been poked and prodded by friends and family to pick up an Android device, like the Galaxy S8, but they're content on sticking with their iPhone…


My best friends husband told me to get the S8. They love it. I am happy with my iPhone. Not going back to Android. After a couple of months they will start complaining. Am waiting on it


While others say they've tried Android devices but tapped out after less than 14 days of using their new phone…


I also gave in and decided to use my jump upgrade to get the S8. Thank God they gave me the option to keep my 7+ for 14 days to make sure everything got transferred and everything. I just can't do Android anymore. I'm keeping my 7+ and returning the S8.


But what about you?

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