There have been plenty of rumors swirling around about the iPhone 8: what it looks like, where the camera will be positioned, which features it has – and which ones it doesn't.

There's been speculation recently that the iPhone 8 will come without the now-standard Touch ID, but some are quick to call it a silly rumor. What do you think?


I personally think this rumor is bunk given how integrated Touch ID is integrsted into iOS, MacOS and Apple hardware. I would hate to see Touch ID go the way of the dinosaur. Touching my phone is much easier than holding it up to my face Everytime to unlock. I've tried it on my s8 and don't like it. You look dumb doing it and it's slower than just unlocking with your finger. What do you...


Some people agree whole-heartedly...


I absolutely can't see them doing this. Especially with all the focus they've put behind Apple Pay. I'm unsure of how they could continue that as they've advertised if they get rid of Touch ID. I would hate to see that happen.


While others say facial recognition wouldn't be their first choice as an alternative, but they're excited to see where things go...


I'm not at all interested in facial recognition & I don't see Apple going that route. We'll see soon enough!


But what about you? What do you think?

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