watchOS 4 was one of the larger announcements at WWDC this year, with a whole new set of features and upgrades pouring into the world's most popular smartwatch!

We're chatting in the iMore forums to decide which new announcements for watch OS were worth jumping up and down over and which were just kind of… Meh.


Installing now, anyone else try this yet?


Some people say that although they haven't played with it much, the Siri watch face certainly sticks out as a positive...


I also have it installed but haven’t played much with it. I do like the Siri watch face


While others haven't installed it yet but are excited for certain features...


watchOS 3 was a huge, almost paradigm-shifting update. Two huge updates in a row is asking a lot. I'm interested in what the HIIT workout will be; if it can be customized, etc. But not interested enough to install iOS 11 beta and the watch beta. The rest of the update isn't all that exciting to me, but I'm fairly happy with the watch as is. I'll try the Siri watch face I'm sure, but I'm...


… But what do you think? Hop on into the iMore forums and let us know which features you're personally excited for in regards to watch OS 4, which ones you don't really care all that much for, and which features you wish would make an appearance during the next update!

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