There have been plenty of rumors and speculation thrown around about the iPhone 8, so it's hard to nail down exactly what it's going to look like and how it's going to run.

With more and more phenomenal phones coming out from other companies, it can be tough for people to stick to their Apple-loving guns, so we have a question for you: What would it take for you to not upgrade to the iPhone 8?


So with all the hype around the iPhone 8, what would it take for you to not upgrade to it? Price, size, looks?


Some people say that the price tag will be a big factor in whether they decide to pick up the iPhone 8 or not...


Price, not paying over $1000. Size, I don't want anything bigger than the 7. Looks, if they put the fingerprint scanner on the back. All three are definite deal breakers. I'm also not a fan of the no bezel screen. I prefer to use a case. So not only will a case inhibit the screen, but what is going to protect the glass back? Sorry, but nothing I've seen or heard about the 8 impresses me thus far....


While others say that the size and the price could potentially hinder their decision...


Simple. The size and price will be wrong for me.


But what about you?

Is there a feature, function, price-tag, (or whatever!) that would prevent you from buying an iPhone 8 once it launches?

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