Are you someone who likes to accessorize your iPhone as you carry it around all day, or do you prefer to have it in a simple case and leave it at that (or maybe gasp no case at all?!)?

Would you rock a hip-looking bag or belt clip for your iPhone, or would you rather toss it in your back pocket?


There are times you might be going out and you don't have pocket space, or in my case with linen pants and pockets are practically non-existent. So I found a solution and ordered this off eBay. $24 Cdn and good quality! I dig the removable slots for credit cards and the hidden flapped pocket down low for change or possibly keys. The only problem now is getting mugged and losing my...


Some people say the look of a smaller bag for your iPhone is pretty sharp...


That looks pretty cool!


While others say they're used to just throwing it in their purse and would prefer to make their own if they ever needed one...


I just toss mine in my purse. If I wanted something like that I'd probably sew my own.


But what's your preference?

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