This week sees Europe's annual cheese-fest, otherwise known as the annual Eurovision Song Contest. About this time every year, contenders from across Europe descend upon the nation that won the year before, and prepare to do battle in the Euro-pop arena. I'm not a fan myself, but plenty of folks are -- around 100 million people are expected to tune in to watch the contest live. And, to enhance the experience a little further, is the official Eurovision Song Contest app for iOS.

The app itself is actually a great companion to the main show. The first semi-final takes place today, and the live show tab has just come alive filled with information about all the artists taking part, and even lyrics to their songs should you want to sing along at home. And, if you really like a song, there's a handy link within the app to purchase the track from the iTunes Store. During the live show you also get the chance to cast your vote within the app, though for semi-finals this is limited to folks in countries that are participating on each night.

The main timeline acts like a social networking aggregator, bringing in photos and up to date news items relating to the show. Should you connect it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts though, you'll receive "important and interesting news updates" from the event right to your timeline.

While I'm no fan of the contest myself, the official app is actually pretty nicely done. It's well designed, smooth and snappy to use, and contains as much Eurovision goodness as you might be able to handle. Grab a copy from the App Store now, and if you're looking forward to the contest, tell us, who are you behind for the win?

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