As some of you may know, I'm the Community & Developer Program Manager around these parts. Well, early last year a startup called Timyo approached iMore about our developer program. They said email was broken and felt their app would "fix it for good."

Like many of our power-user members, we here at iMore and Mobile Nations depend on email to get things done. So, we were immediately intrigued and got to work with Timyo on the program. We ran a survey and found out our needs matched Timyo's stated goals.

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So, we began a beta test right here on the iMore forums. And it went extremely well.

Now, I'm extremely proud to tell you that thanks to the feedback and support of our community, Timyo was able to successfully launch their app in the App Store.

You can download it now for your iPhone, and you really should. It's free, so there's no downside to trying it, and the potential upside is huge!

Mobile Nations has also invested in Timyo — we're super excited by the prospect of improving communications!

Email has long been effective at communicating the who ('to' and 'from' fields), and what (the subject line), but the WHEN has never been part of the equation. Timyo fixes this by allowing you to share when you require a response. It's a huge time saver, and directly addresses all of the concerns of power email users — like us!

Timyo only works with Gmail for now, but multi-account options are coming very soon. When you download it you can try it out but you can also become part of the process — and part of the solution for everyone.

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