As part of a look back at the first decade of the (Product) Red charity, Jony Ive, Chief Design Officer of long-time (Product) Red partner Apple, reflected on the impact of the charity. Ive focused on the humanitarian aspect of (Product) Red, rather than any effect it may have had on how companies donate.

From Financial Times:

Does Sir Jonathan think Red affected how companies think of corporate social responsibility? He demurs. "I'm much more interested in how a mother feels whose daughter is still alive than whether Red has had an impact on other companies."

He adds: "The thing that first struck me was that the magnitude and ugliness of the problem would normally be cause for people to turn away. I loved the way Bono saw it as a problem to be solved."

Co-founded by U2 frontman Bono, the (Product) Red campagin is focused on raising money and awareness to combat HIV/AIDS. The campaign takes a portion of the procedes from participating products in order to help this effort. Apple has been a partner company since the beginning, producing everything from (Product) Red phone cases to specialized iPods.

You can read the full retrospective on (Product) Red at the link below.

Source: Financial Times; Via: 9to5Mac