Jony Ive talks designing the Apple Pencil

The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are already changing some of Apple's designers work, with a number of them trading in their sketchbooks for Apple's 12.9-inch tablet. That's according to Apple design chief Jony Ive, who spoke about designing the stylus for the iPad Pro in a new interview. The goal with the Pencil, Ive said, was to create something that felt as natural as possible, an extension and evolution of existing analogue pens and pencils.

From The Telegraph

"We hoped if you are used to spending a lot of time using paintbrushes, pencils and pens, this will feel like a more natural extension of that experience - that it will feel familiar," he says, carefully. "To achieve that degree of very simple, natural behaviour, was a significant technological challenge."

He also spoke about how a tool that behaves more naturally, while still being firmly digital, opens up opportunities that don't exist with analogue tools.

"Our personal experience has been that there are definitely affordances and opportunities now that you have a much more natural and intuitive environment to make marks, there are clearly things you can do sketching and writing on the iPad which you could never dream of doing in the analogue world."

You can read the full interview with Jony Ive at the link below.

Source: The Telegraph