Following the launch of the iPad Pro last week, Apple Executives have been busy doing the rounds in a series of interviews. The latest is another with Apple design chief Jony Ive, in which he talks about the design philosophy behind the Apple Pencil with Wallpaper.

Speaking on the decision to add an additional layer of input separate from touch, Ive says that, while Apple is still Apple is targeting a clear subset of people that have specific use-cases in mind:

It was important that we develop the UI based upon multi-touch, based on our fingers. The reasons are obvious. I think it is equally obvious that you're just not as dexterous as you are with a pen or a pencil for certain things.

What we found is that there's clearly a group of people that would value an instrument that would enable then to paint or draw in ways that you just can't with your finger. And I suspect that this isn't a small group of people. I don't think it's confined to those of us who went to art school.

Ive goes on to explain that the finger and the Apple Pencil each have distinct purposes when interacting with the iPad Pro, and Apple sees the Pencil's role as a way to more easily make marks while the finger is meant to be a fundamental tool for interacting with the interface of the entire operating system. As for the device's name, Ive says that Apple went with the Pencil moniker because "because stylus seems a product that's about technology. Pencil, to me, seems very analogue in its association."

If you're interested in reading the full interview, it's well worth a gander at Wallpaper at the source link below.

Source: Wallpaper