Jony Ive talked about Apple's foray into fashion with the Apple Watch in a new interview with Vogue. Conducted weeks before the device's unveiling at on September 9, the interview goes over the details about the Apple Watch revealed at the event, as well as providing insight into the design of the watch. In particlular, Ive stresses the tactile nature of the device, and the importance of the materials used in making it, not just in the watch but the bands as well.

From Vogue:

Yet despite all the pressure, he really just wants you to touch it, to feel it, to experience it as a thing. And if you comment on, say, the weight of it, he nods. "Because it's real materials," he says proudly. Then he wants you to feel the connections, the magnets in the strap, the buckle, to witness the soft but solid snap, which he just loves as an interaction with design, a pure, tactile idea. "Isn't that fantastic?"

The interview doesn't really contain any new information, but it is an interesting look into the Apple design head's thought process regarding their next device.

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Source: Vogue