iPhone owners who need a little extra battery power to see them through have been turning to Mophie for many years now. The current lineup for the iPhone 5 includes the Juice Pack Helium and the Juice Pack Air, and now they're back with this, the Juice Pack Plus.

The Juice Pack Plus packs more battery than either the Helium or the Air, and as such occupies a slightly larger form factor than either of those two. The Juice Pack Plus measures in at 0.70 inches thick, compared to 0.63 inches for the Air and 0.59 inches for the Helium. That extra thickness means a 2100mAh battery in the Juice Pack Plus, giving you an extra 125% battery power over the standard iPhone 5 battery.

The Juice Pack Plus is available to buy in black right now, white coming May 22 and a PRODUCT(RED) version will follow on May 31. All three are available for $119.95. Anyone going for one of these?

Source: Mophie