Jury says Samsung owes Apple another $290 million

A jury in the new settlement trial, part of the Apple vs. Samsung trial, has determined that Samsung owes Apple an additional $290 million, on top of the $600 million that they already owed at the conclusion of the original trial. The previous amont had been $1 billion, but Judge Koh had vacated $450 million of that. The new amount is less than Apple was asking for, but much more than Samsung had hoped to pay, according to All Things D:

Apple had argued it was due a further $379 million, while Samsung maintained it should only owe $52 million for the portion of damages being reconsidered. Barring a successful appeal, Samsung also owes roughly $600 million in damages from the original verdict as well.

This isn't the end of the litigation between the two companies. A new trial, again before Judge Lucy Koh, is set to begin next year. The new trial concerns a new set of Samsung devices not covered in the original case. Both Apple and Samsung are appealing portions of the original case, hoping to get more favorable outcomes.

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Source: All Things D