While Black Pixel usually operates quietly, behind the scenes, doing some of the best work you don't even realize you're using every day, they've also acquired and begun working on a small collection of their own apps. First out the gate is Kaleidoscope 2. Kaleidoscope, originally created by the now-Facebook owned Sofa, is a tool that lets artists, writers, designers, and developers compare versions of their work to spot subtle differences and merge best aspects to make sure they're producing the absolute best products possible. Here's what Black Pixel's CEO, Daniel Pasco, has to say about it:

Designers can use Kaleidoscope to compare photos and graphics in powerful ways to quickly spot the differences between comps or UI elements. Writers can use Kaleidoscope to tell the difference between text content and merge that content into a final document. Developers can use it to diff and merge their source files, powered by direct integration with your source control system of choice. And just about anyone can use it to compare folders to see what has changed and copy files back and forth.

Kaleidoscope 2 integrates with Git, Subversion, Mercurial, and Bazaar and best of all, the public beta is available as a free, 15-day trial so you can try it and make sure you like it before you buy. If you do like it, Black Pixel will make the full version available to you at 50% off retail -- $34.99. Why?

We want your feedback and you get a great product at a fantastic discount.

If comparing characters, pixels, and bits is something you can't get enough of, head on over to Black Pixel's fancy, fantastic-looking new website and grab the Kaleidoscope 2 public beta now.

Source: Black Pixel