Keep calm, Photos for Mac still on

Apple's Photos for Mac was for shown off last summer at WWDC 2014 but isn't scheduled to ship until "early 2015". Apple hasn't said anything more specific about the schedule than that, but today some concern arose when people realized that, at some point, information about Photos for Mac had disappeared from So, what's going on?

Apple included Photos for Mac in the original preview pages for OS X Yosemite that went live right after the WWDC keynote in June. Now is showing the OS X Yosemite release pages. Since Photos for Mac hasn't been released yet, it isn't part of those pages.

To the best of my understanding, it really is just that simple. Apple isn't dropping any hints or implying anything beyond what they've already said.

Photos are a subject near and dear to many people's hearts, and so the interest level in Photos for Mac is understandably high. There's no point in getting stressed or worried about anything now, however. Unless and until Apple gets more specific, Photos for Mac remains announced for "early 2015". That's a pretty big window, which is great. Because Photos is important, I'm happy for Apple to use as much of it as they can.

For more information on the features coming to OS X, check out our Photos for Mac explainer.