Kenisngton and Chelsea College in the UK is planning a new course which will be devoted entirely to taking photographs with the iPhone’s camera. The course in "iPhoneography" is thought to be the first ever course of its kind in the United Kingdom.

The college says many iPhone owners struggle to use the camera properly. Students will create images using the iPhone camera and a range of "apps". Tutor, Richard Gray, said: "all you need is a passion for photography and a creative mind." Students are required to have their own iPhone to do the course which will begin next month. "With the right apps and skills, the iPhone can be a powerful creative tool," said Mr Gray. "It is a great levelling force within photography. No longer do you need expensive or complex equipment to produce great images," he added.

Mr Gray is planning on teaching students the basic rules of composition, color and light as well as editing skills using various iOS apps. He sees the iPhone as revolutionising photography by the way it allows you to take a picture, edit it and post it online all within minutes; no matter where you are. Mr Gray will also be holding a free workshop at the Apple Store in Regent Street, London in the near future.

We here at iMore, of course, have been saying that for years. We even have a dedicated iPhone photography forum available for you to discuss the subject, share tips, and start projects. With more to come!

Source: BBC