Kenu Highline is a unique accessory that looks to provide an element of safety when using your iPhone or iPod touch in extreme situations. If you are not adverse to taking your iPhone out with you when doing extreme sports such as climbing mountains or even bungee jumping then one of these could make everything that much safer.

Highline is a custom-engineered iPhone and iPod leash designed to let you capture that epic shot, stay connected with friends, and listen to tunes without worry of dropping your mobile device in extreme situations. Naturally, Highline is ideal for those absent-minded moments or a case of the butter fingers.

The Highline connects to your device via the 30 pin dock connector. It then has a 5” coil which extends up to a length of 30” if you drop your device. The device can be connected to your person via a strong loop system which can connect to belt loops, zips, carabiners etc.

If you are into extreme sports or just want that extra bit of insurance while using your device outdoors, this could be a very useful accessory. The Kenu Highline costs $19.95.


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