Oink, a new app from Kevin Rose's app development lab Milk, is now available for download in the App Store. Oink is a social recommendation and ranking app that takes a Foursquare-like check-in approach, letting users rate and rank the different items -- instead of places -- that they like.

The main idea is for users to recommend and rate products from different businesses so they can share with friends and spread the word about the things they enjoy. It seems like a really great idea, as long as enough of your friends are using the service, and gives a fresh approach to finding and enjoying items with like-minded people.

Oink is an easy way to rate and rank the things around you. Instead of just rating places, you rate the items inside. You could easily find the most popular items on a menu and see if a friend has tried anything there. Then if there's something you like, it’s just a single press to rate it and share it with friends.

What you can do with Oink:

  • Rate items around you and share with your followers
  • See all the cool stuff your friends and other users are Oinking
  • Find the best things in town (e.g. Best "Pizza" in Denver)
  • Find the items at a place (e.g., Best roller coasters at Six Flags)
  • Build "cred" in your areas of interest
  • Share your Oink activity on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare

Oink is available on the iPhone and iPod touch for free.

App Store Link

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