little fox music box

Little Fox Music Box is a sing-along children's app that contains over 100 interactive elements in the three included songs and music studio. It's filled with great (although not yet Retina) artwork that's bound to make any small child smile.

The three songs included with Little Fox Music Box are London Bridge, Evening Song, and Old Mac Donald. Each song has a fun, interactive scene that goes with the theme of the song. I was impressed to discover that nearly everything in the scenes are responsive to touch. The scenes also scroll a little to the left and right making them a little better than the screen of the iPad.

With karaoke mode enabled, there is no singing heard, but the words of the song are still displayed and highlight when it's time to sing them. This is great for kids who are starting to learn to read.

In addition to the three songs, Little Fox Music Box invites you to play with Little Fox in his tree house where everything makes a musical sound. Your child will have a lot of fun creating his/her own music by tapping on bottles, kitchenware, frogs, birds, and more.

I downloaded Little Fox Music Box last night and my very active 18-month year old daughter (who doesn't typically stay still for longer than 15 seconds) sat on my lap laughing, clapping, and interacting with the scenes for at least 30 minutes and wasn't ready to stop.

The Good

  • Very engaging
  • Kids are bound to love it
  • Nearly everything on the page reactions to touch

The Bad

  • Only 3 songs

The bottom line

Little Fox Music Box is a fantastic sing-along app for kids, but with only 3 songs, $4.99 is a bit steep. I really hope the folks at Shape Minds and Moving Images GmbH release an update that includes more songs. On the other hand, 5 dollar toys are hard to come by these days.

$4.99 - Download Now

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