Not content to allow France to hog all the 4th generation iPhone rumor attention, Korea Times claims carrier KT reveals (we read that as wishes rather than knows) the following specs:

They said the coming 4G iPhones will be equipped with organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens on surface and live video chat functionalities, while removable battery is highly likely.

The new 4G iPhone is also going to be loaded with dual core processors and higher and powerful graphic chips that can deliver higher video resolutions and better "still" images when taking pictures.

Let's make this clear again up front (lest we be smited), no one outside of a tiny group at Apple and maybe Foxconn brass know exactly what the 4th gen iPhone is going to be, and even then it's subject to change (like the iPod touch G3 losing it's camera at the eleventh hour). So, while OLED and a better camera make sense given the competitive environment, multi-core chips are already on the roadmap, and a chat cam is always rumored for each new device, it's hard to imagine Apple would make a removable batter now given how much effort they've put into making long-life, built in batteries for iPods, iPhones, and now MacBooks as well. Carrying extra batteries isn't a maintream reality.

Still, let us know what you think. We likely know as much as anyone outside the illuminati at this point!