It has been a bit since we last checked in on the folks at Revolve Robotics, and they have certainly been busy. The Kubi telepresence robot has been upgraded to version 2.0, and the upgrade is all about smoother software and a better connection experience. Since the experience is once again good enough to work during CES, it's clear there's a strong platform guiding this setup. As we learned from Marcus Rosenthal of Revolve Robotics, this new update is designed to make it possible for users to just drop a tablet into the dock and hand off control to the user on the other end. Long term, the hope is that this setup is simple enough that users would be able to have either multiple tablets slide in and out as meetings happen, or multiple Kubi to move users to more appropriate spaces during a long distance visit.

Check the video above with Cali on how the Kubi experience has improved and what the long term goals for this platform are, but mind the floating head in the conversation.