If you listen to the Internet long enough, you'll always be able to find an 'Apple is doomed' story somewhere, and the latest comes courtesy of a television interview with a close friend of Steve Jobs. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, in an interview to be broadcast today on CBS this morning, says how he sees Apple in a post-Steve Jobs time:

We saw — we conducted the experiment. I mean, it’s been done. We saw Apple with Steve Jobs. We saw Apple without Steve Jobs. We saw Apple with Steve Jobs. Now, we’re gonna see Apple without Steve Jobs.

Between each of those sentences – as you can see in the video above – he moves his finger up, and then down, back up and then back down again. So, he's pretty clear; he thinks Apple is doomed, and that history is going to repeat itself all over again.

The Apple we know today is a far cry from the Apple that Steve Jobs was kicked out of the first time, and the Apple he came back to. The Apple of today is Steve Jobs' greatest product. He spent over a decade choosing the right people and imparting his culture. And rather than a sugar water salesman to guide the post-Jobs Apple, we have Jobs hand-picked successor, and one of the greatest operations executives in recent history, Tim Cook, and we have Jobs' partner in design, Jony Ive.

These are competitive times, there's no doubt. But Apple is still making a lot of money, selling a lot of products, and all that without a new hardware release – save some refreshed MacBook Airs – at all in 2013. Be it metrics, or opinions, we've a hell of a long way to go before Apple really is doomed.

We've got hardware announcements coming on September 10. It's an exciting time again, so for now, let's focus on that. Be sure to share your thoughts on the interview in the comments, and don't forget to enter the iMore contest to win a $500 Apple gift certificate. Because; new hardware.

Via: AllThingsD