There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I'm linking to the Lucidream eXo-Skelton case for iPhone on Kickstarter because it looks like Krull's throwing blade. Nope. None. But it so totally does! There's a lot more to it than that, though...

eXo is a strong eXo-Skeleton and an impact absorption system, providing luxurious security which protects the vulnerable areas of your iPhone 6, while leaving it virtually bare.

eXo's arms provide biomimicking ergonomic textures that makes your iPhone much easier to grip and handle.

A mechanical quick release system provides elegant utility by securely attaching your device onto virtually anything.

The sheer moxie of this design is probably going to be divisive. If you love it, however, hurry on over to Kickstarter and get with the backing. There's only 4 days left on the project!

(Standard disclaimers about Kickstarter not being a retail store apply...)