The Last Express Gold Edition arrives on OS X

Originally released on Mac OS in 1997, The Last Express takes place on the Orient Express in 1914, were the player steps into the role of Dr. Robert Cath, a fugitive with a mysterious past. Wanting to escape his troubles, Cath is instead thrust into a web of deceit, treachery, political conspiracy, and murder. Players can expect all of the hallmarks of the original game, including:

  • 20+ hours of game play: interact with 30+ characters, move in real-time and converse with them
  • Your actions affect other characters' behavior, making every play-through different
  • Rewind feature allows you to back up and choose a different course of action

The new Gold Edition features include a new hint system, as well as a more intuitive interface. The inventory has also been improved. The Last Express also now features achievements, as well as in-game bonus content like character biographies.

The Last Express Gold Edition is available now from Steam at an introductory price of $3.49, a 50% discount from its normal price of $6.99.