Launch Center Pro 2.2 achieves lift off on iPad, adds new actions to iPhone

Contrast has released Launch Center Pro for iPad and updated the iPhone app to version 2.2, adding some new feature including VoiceOver support and Dropbox text actions. Just as on the iPhone, Launch Center Pro for iPad is a versatile action launcher, letting you easily message contacts, schedule events in your favorite calendar app, and much more.

Launch Center Pro 2.2 adds some new actions. You can now create new text files, and append/prepend new ones in Dropbox. There is now support for VoiceOver, letting you move between groups and implement actions with VoiceOver enabled. Finally, you can now create dictionary actions. You can set up a prompt to enter a word, or even create an action to have Launch Center Pro pull your clipboard content for a definition.

There are some other user experience updates in 2.2. You can now move actions into and between groups with the new Move Action button in the action editing panel. Simple tap that button then tap your destination, and you're set. There's also multitouch group support, which allows you to hold down on a group's icon with one finger, then select an action from that group with another.

All of these features are present in both the iPhone app and the iPad app, though Launch Center Pro for iPad is a separate download. Both apps are on sale at the moment for 40% off. You can grab the app for iPhone at $2.99, and for iPad at $4.99, for a limited time.

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